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Work from home like a boss

There’s a lot more to working from home (WFH) besides firing up your laptop—bedhead and all. Staying on task, and on time, isn’t easy with all the distractions when your home and work lives collide. Luckily, there’s a ton of insights and advice on ways to be productive. So, we’ve mined the best-of-the-best WFH tips, tools and inspiration to make the most of any remote situation.

Create a space

Where and how you set up shop can have a huge impact on your quality of work—and life. Which is why so many experts and remote pros stress the importance of 1) having a dedicated workspace—even without a home office, and 2) having the right setup, with the right tools.

A dining room table, living room corner or converted old wardrobe—any room can be turned into a hard-working space with the correct setup. The ideal space should make communicating and staying connected to work feel seamless—while also providing the support and comfort needed to keep your body and mind sharp.

Establish a mindset

Switching to “work mode” amid the daily activities at home is never ideal. You need to be in the right headspace to concentrate on work, while also maintaining a certain amount of balance and boundaries between your personal and work life. Easier said than done, right?

Creating a routine and minimising distractions are the most popular tactics for switching on your work brain—and shutting down diversions. Do get up at the same time, get dressed and log out at the day’s end. But routine will only get you so far when there are distractions all around. Background music, white noise and noise cancelling headphones are the best ways to block out noise, improve focus and settle into a work state of mind.

Get a gadget (or three)

From apps so you don’t slack off, to tech that ups your work game—a little gear can go a long way towards firing up productivity. And who doesn’t love a good gadget? We’ve pulled together some of our favourite tools and tech so you can work even better—even when working from home.

The greatest hits

To round it all off, a selection of greats. From bits of inspo and motivational playlists to our favourite lists of gear, tips and tricks. We made sure that we gathered everything you might need to bring a little oompf to working from home. Enjoy!