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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Sold from 2019 – 2024

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Using multiple Bluetooth® connections

Multi-point is a feature that allows your product to connect to more than one Bluetooth device. This is useful to switch between two smartphones without disconnecting and reconnecting each time.

Managing multiple connections

You can store up to eight devices in the headphone device list, and the headphones can be actively connected to two devices at a time.

When powered on, the headphones will automatically connect to the two most recently connected devices. When two devices are actively connected, you can play music from either device. To switch between connected devices, pause the first device and play music from the second.

Switching between connected devices
To play music from a device in the headphone memory that is not currently connected:
  1. Open the Bose Music app
  2. On the product home screen, tap Source
    product home screen
  3. Next to the desired device name, set the toggle switch to the right to connect that device.
    Bluetooth connections screen
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