Viewing your heart rate in a fitness app

After your headphones are connected to your mobile device, you can view your heart rate in most popular fitness apps. To begin, set up your headphones as the heart rate sensor in your fitness app. As the setup can vary between apps, here are some tips to getting your headphones setup in the app:

  • During setup, keep your earbuds in your ears, and move away from any other devices with heart rate sensors
  • In your fitness app’s Settings menu, look for a “Devices,” “Hardware” or “Heart Rate Monitor” menu. Select “Search for sensor” or “Auto-connect”
  • Some fitness apps may require you to select "HR-Bose® SoundSport® Pulse" as the heartrate sensor in the device list
  • Some fitness apps may require you to select “Start workout” to view your heart rate
  • Make sure the left earbud is securely in place throughout your workout
  • Refer to your fitness app’s help menu for more information on connecting to a heartrate sensor

Note:  Some fitness apps require a paid subscription to view detailed heart rate data.

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