Using the standard audio cable

Your headphones can be used with a variety of sources: CD/DVD/MP3 players, personal computers, laptop computers and home stereos.

Follow these suggestions to use your headphones with these audio sources:

  • For most portable sources, use the single 3.5 mm (1/8-inch) headphone plug. No adapter is needed
  • For use with home audio systems, connect a 6.35 mm (1/4-inch) stereo phone adapter (available at consumer electronic stores) to the headphone plug on the end of the headphone cable
  • If you need greater reach between your headphones and home audio systems, attach a 6.1 m extension cable (available for purchase on the Accessories tab above) to the headphone audio cable. This allows for increased accessibility to audio sources and greater freedom of movement
  • The markings on the headband indicate L for left ear, R for right to ensure proper conformance and performance. Put the headphones on and adjust the headband so it rests gently on your head. Conform the ear cushions snugly and comfortably around your ears with your ears completely inside the cushions to create an effective seal
  • Your Bose® headphones have proprietary technology that reproduces a fuller range of sound, more clearly and accurately. There's no need to increase the volume to hear subtle nuances in your music, or to use tone controls, such as a bass-boost feature. For the best audio performance, disable bass boost on your portable audio device. Leaving it on may result in exaggerated bass and potential distortion

Note: Any product designed to amplify sounds to a high volume level could cause hearing damage if used improperly. To protect your hearing, turn the volume control on your audio source all the way down before putting your headphones on. Then adjust the volume to a comfortable level and leave it at that level for the duration of listening.

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