Turning off the TV internal speakers

Applies to:

  • Bose® Solo 15 Series II TV sound system

To enjoy the full benefit of hearing TV audio through your Bose® system, turn off the internal speakers in the TV. The TV may have an onscreen audio menu that includes an option for turning the TV speakers on or off. If the TV provides both fixed (FIX) and variable (VAR) audio output connectors, use the fixed connectors for higher sound quality.

Newer TVs normally have a setup menu item for turning off speakers. Older TVs may have a speaker on/off switch on the rear panel near the audio output connectors.

Using a TV setup menu

To use the TV setup menu, follow these steps:

On the TV remote, find and press the Menu button to enter the display for audio and video settings on the TV screen. Some remotes may have an Audio setup or Settings button

Locate the Audio menu to turn the speakers on or off and select "Off"

Select "Fixed" in the Audio out section of the setup menu if available

Note: If the TV does not have a menu setting for turning off the internal speakers, exit the audio menu and reduce the TV volume to its lowest setting.

Using a speaker on/off switch

To use the speaker on/off switch, follow these steps:

On the rear panel of the TV, set the SPEAKER ON/OFF switch to the OFF position

Adjust the TV volume to approximately 80% of the highest volume

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