The system is greyed out and unselectable in the SoundTouch app

If your SoundTouch system appears in the SoundTouch app but you cannot select it, try the following:

Close and reopen the SoundTouch app

Check that the system that cannot be selected is powered on and connected to your network:

  • For wireless connections, the system's Wi-Fi indicator is solid white when connected
  • For wired connections, make sure that the network cable is securely connected at both ends

Make sure that the Bose system and the device running the SoundTouch app are connected to the same network. If the network name, password or security type were recently changed, update the network settings in the SoundTouch app

Check that the Bose system is within range of a strong Wi-Fi signal. If a network extender, repeater or access point is in use, disconnect it to determine if it is related to the issue. Once it's disconnected, reconnect the Bose system to the network by moving it within range of the main router, then check for improvement

Reset the system by disconnecting its power cable for one minute (for the SoundTouch Portable, reset the system by holding the aux button for about 15 seconds until the display doesn't show anything)

Reset the device running the SoundTouch app. This is typically done by rebooting/restarting it or removing the battery and/or power cable for one minute

Reboot your router by disconnecting its power cable for 30 seconds

Determine if there are more than four SoundTouch systems on the same network. Typical home Wi-Fi networks should be able to support at least four wireless SoundTouch systems. However, this number may drop depending on the network's capabilities

Internet enabled devices on the same network—like a smart TV, laptop, games console, Blu-ray player, tablet or smartphone—may be taking up too much network bandwidth. If devices like these are transferring large amounts of data (i.e. streaming video), this can decrease bandwidth for other connected devices—like the Bose system.

Try disconnecting these devices, then check for improvement.

Log in to the router's settings menu and temporarily disable the router’s firewall to determine if it is blocking SoundTouch functionality

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