Due to the lockdown in New Zealand there is a hold on returning product, exchanging product or sending them for repairs. Any purchases made after 26/12/2019 will still be able to return after the lockdown.

Switching between previously paired devices

When turned on, the headphones will automatically connect to the two most recently connected devices.

When two devices are actively connected, you can play music from either device. To switch between currently connected devices, pause the first device and play music from the second.

To connect with a device in the headphone memory that is not currently connected:

Slide the switch all the way up to the Bluetooth® symbol and release to hear which device(s) are currently connected

Within three seconds, slide the switch all the way up to the Bluetooth® symbol and release again to connect to the next paired device

Repeat step 2 until you hear the correct device name

Note: To use this feature, voice prompts must be on.

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