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Playing and controlling stored music

You can enjoy a wide variety of your music while it plays continuously using the uMusic®+ feature.

Playing music

To play your stored music, on the remote press STORED. This selects "stored" as the source of music, turns on the system if it is off and begins to play in the continuous Umusic+ mode. During continuous play, you may hear tracks from any music genre except children's and holiday. These tracks play only when selected by category or as part of a playlist.

The information about the current track appears on the media centre display. The second line of text will scroll to display further information.

Controlling the music

As you listen, you can use the remote control to:

Interrupt the music by pressing PAUSE. Resume play where the track stopped by pressing PAUSE again

Halt the music by pressing STOP. Press PLAY to resume play from the beginning of the track

Return to the previous track by pressing TRACK DOWN, or press SEEK BACK as soon as the next track begins to play

Skip to the next track by pressing TRACK UP, or press SEEK FORWARD

Repeat a track by pressing REPEAT. To stop the repetition of a song and move on to other tracks, press REPEAT again

Note: when you press PLAY, PAUSE or STOP, an indicator appears on the upper right of the media centre isplay.

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