Operating on battery power

A fully charged battery provides approximately three hours of use if the system is set to maximum volume. However, the rate of battery discharge varies with the type of music played and the volume setting. You can extend the battery operating time significantly by lowering the volume.

The battery status light on the Bose® system indicates when charging the battery is necessary. For information on charging the battery, see Charging the battery.

Manual battery check

The battery light is normally off to conserve battery power. On the remote, press and hold the OFF button and check the colour indicating the charge level of the battery


  • Green: 70% or more of full charge
  • Yellow: 20% to 70% of full charge
  • Flashing red: 20% or less of full charge (charging needed)

When to replace the battery

Replace the battery when:

  • The battery status light remains yellow after 10 hours of charging
  • The period of battery operation decreases over time

Battery protection mode

When your SoundLink® system has been unplugged and unused for 14 days or longer, it enters battery protection mode to preserve battery power. Your system is in this state when you first set it up. To reactivate your system and recharge the battery, connect the power supply to the system and connect it to AC power.

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