Navigating through MP3 files

Your Acoustic Wave® music system II can play MP3 music files recorded on CD-R and CD-RW discs. You can easily navigate through your music files using the Tune/MP3 and Seek/Track remote control buttons.

Note: MP3 is a music compression technology that reduces a song's file size without noticeable effect in the quality of the sound. Through compression algorithms, the MP3 format makes it easy for you to store several more songs than you would find on a conventional audio CD. In fact, an MP3 CD can contain as much music as ten standard audio CDs on just one disc, which can be organized into folders on a PC before being stored on the disc.

Music files on an MP3 CD will play according to the folder structure on the disc. For example:

To play, pause, stop or eject an MP3 CD, use the same remote control buttons that you would use for an audio CD. See Playing a CD for more information.

Navigating through music files

You can use your remote to navigate through your music files.

  • Press Tune/MP3 back to skip to the previous folder
  • Press Tune/MP3 forward to skip to the next folder
  • Press Seek/Track back to skip to the beginning of the current track
  • Press Seek/Track back twice to skip to the beginning of the previous track
  • Press Seek/Track forward to skip to the next track

Note: When navigating an MP3 CD, the folder number and track number are displayed. The Root level displays as folder number 00.

Once the track begins playing, artist name, song title and elapsed track time will return to the display:

CD play modes

When your CD is playing, you have the option of a variety of CD play modes. On your remote, press Play Mode repeatedly to choose the way your CD plays.

  • NORMAL PLAY: Plays tracks once in sequential order
  • SHUFFLE DISC: Plays all tracks once in random order
  • SHUFFLE FOLDR: Plays all tracks in the selected folder in random order
  • SHUF RPT FLDR: Repeats all tracks in a folder in a random order that changes each time the folder is repeated
  • SHUF RPT DISC: Repeats all tracks on the disc in a random order each time the disc is repeated
  • track has played
  • REPEAT FOLDER: Repeats all tracks in a folder in order
  • REPEAT TRACK: Repeats the selected track continuously

Note: The play mode will return to "NORMAL PLAY" whenever a CD is inserted.