Listening to an AirPlay® compatible device

After connecting to your wireless router, the SoundLink® Air digital music system is ready to stream AirPlay® audio at any time. If an Aux source is connected and playing when you begin streaming audio from your AirPlay® compatible device, that source stops and you will hear the AirPlay® audio stream.

To listen to streamed audio:

Start a music app on your AirPlay® compatible device or computer. Make sure it is connected to the same Wi-Fi® network as the SoundLink® Air system

To make sure the initial volume is not too loud, move the volume slider in the music app to within the lower third of the scale

Tap or click the AirPlay® icon and select the "SoundLink Air" (or the name you gave it) from the list of available speakers


Start playing music tracks. On the SoundLink® Air remote control, use the PLAY/PAUSE button


SKIP FORWARD or SKIP BACK buttons are used to control the playback of your music

Skip forward

Skip back

Note: To remotely control iTunes® using the SoundLink® Air remote, you will need to change a setting in the iTunes® Preferences menu. To do so, follow these steps:

Start iTunes® and open the "Edit menu"

Select "Preferences" and click on "Devices"

Click on the box next to "Allow iTunes® audio control from remote speakers"

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