iPod® troubleshooting

My iPod® will not charge when docked. What should I do?

Please try the following:

  • If your iPod® is in a case or protective sleeve, remove it and then reseat the iPod®. The iPod® may not be seated correctly in the dock, which could prevent charging
  • Try resetting your iPod®. Depending on your model, you should refer to Apple® support to perform this task
  • Reset your SoundDock® system. Turn the system off and unplug it from the power for 60 seconds. Once you have reconnected the system to the power, see if the iPod® will charge

My iPod® doesn’t fit in my SoundDock® system. Do I need a different insert?

  • Make sure to remove any protective cases or covers from your iPod®. Docking your iPod® in its case or cover will prevent it from fitting and can also result in no audio

I cannot dock my 4th generation iPod touch®. Why?

The 4th generation iPod touch® has a narrower dock-connector opening than other iPod®/iPhone® models, which can make it more difficult to properly dock and undock in both Bose® and non-Bose® dock products.

To properly dock a 4th generation iPod touch®, follow these steps:

Before you begin

  • Inspect the iPod touch® dock connector opening to ensure there is no debris or blockage
  • Insert and remove the Apple®-supplied charge cable into the iPod® a few times to ensure there is no problem with the connection. If you are having difficulty making a proper connection, do not attempt to insert the device into the dock of the Bose® system. Contact Apple® for further help

Docking the iPod®

  • Carefully align and insert the iPod touch® directly down onto the docking connector. This may require slight wiggling (left/right) and firm downward pressure to "walk" the device onto the Bose® dock connector. The iPod touch® should activate once it is fully connected. After a few of these careful insertions, the connection is likely to loosen up and the iPod touch® may dock more easily

Removing the iPod®

  • The iPod touch® offers a tighter connection than others when docked. To avoid damaging the Bose® system or the iPod® when undocking, gently walk the iPod touch® off the dock connector in an upward motion without pulling it away from the front of the Bose® dock

Additional tips

  • Make sure to remove any protective cases or covers from your iPod®. A case or sleeve may cause the iPod® to not seat properly within the dock. Removing the case will allow the iPod® to fit into the dock using the supplied insert
  • Angle the iPod touch® slightly back towards the SoundDock® system to help it dock properly
  • If the iPod® is angled too far forward, it will be difficult to dock

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