Due to the lockdown in New Zealand there is a hold on returning product, exchanging product or sending them for repairs. Any purchases made after 26/12/2019 will still be able to return after the lockdown.

Docking your iPod® or iPhone®

Applies to:

  • SoundDock® XT speaker

Your SoundDock® XT speaker is ready to use as soon as you plug it in.

Docking your device

Firmly insert the iPod® or iPhone® into the docking station on the front of the system

Note: You should feel a slight "click" when the iPod® or iPhone® is firmly seated on the connector.

To start playing music, use the touchscreen of your device to select any music app installed on your device

Undocking your device

To undock your device, hold the top of the SoundDock® system and pull straight up on the device until it disconnects from the connector. The dock connection is designed to be tilted forward up to 15 degrees to ease device removal if needed

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