Data transfer light

Applies to:

certain conditions may affect the capability of your phone to adequately transfer data to the bluetooth® dock. this may affect the quality of the audio heard from your sounddock® 10 system.

the data transfer light on the dock tells you how well the bluetooth® dock is receiving data from your connected bluetooth® music device.

note: some phones cannot transmit data fast enough to prevent the light from blinking.

not affected

slow blink (on longer than off):
may be affected

fast blink (equal on-off):
likely to be affected

If the audio quality is affected:

  • Move your device closer to the system or to a different location
  • Move your device away from any household device that generates electromagnetic radiation, such as a microwave oven, another Bluetooth® device or a wireless computer network router
  • Reduce the number of applications running on your phone or device
  • Disconnect your device and connect again

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