Controlling connected devices

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Here are a few common ways your remote can control the devices you have programmed it to control.

Watching TV

Press the TV SOURCE button followed by the SOURCE POWER button to turn the TV on or off

TV source button

Source power button

To control the functions of the TV (i.e. accessing the TV's menu or changing its channel), press the TV SOURCE button to tell the remote you want to control the TV. Then press the command buttons (i.e. menu or channel)

TV source button

To select a different source that is connected to your TV (i.e. cable or DVD), press the TV INPUT button until you find the desired source. This button scrolls through the TV inputs where your devices are connected (i.e. HDMI 1, HDMI 2, AV1 or component)

TV input button

Controlling connected devices

Use the SOURCE BUTTONS to select the device that you have programmed your remote to control. Once selected, the buttons on the remote will send commands to the selected device.

Source buttons

For example, to change channels or access the guide of your cable box, press the CABLE BUTTON followed by the desired command (i.e. CHANNEL or GUIDE).

Cable button



Note: The volume and mute buttons will always control the Bose® system so that no matter what source you are controlling, you can easily access the volume control.

For information on programming your remote control to control your connected devices, see Programming the remote control.

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